4 Unique Industries Cashing in on Premium Web Design Services

miami web designWhether you are starting a new business or running an established enterprise, there is no doubt you have a lot to do. You probably still wear many hats even if you have been in business and profitable for some years now. Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur, and that is not a habit you want to break. In fact, one of the traits of the most successful entrepreneurs is this very tenacity, according to the U.S. Minority Business Development Agency. Another trait of all successful entrepreneurs is knowing what you do not know, and finding other experts to outsource those tasks to.

The Role of Premium Web Design Services in Entrepreneurship Today

What this means for the most successful entrepreneurs is building a team of leaders, each functioning in their area of specific strength. One such area that many entrepreneurs do not “speak well” is web design. For this reason, more and more firms are contracting with talented premium web design services rather than attempting to provide these services in-house. Here are four unique industries that continue to innovate and grow with the help of premium outsourced web design services.

1. Lawyers

Entrepreneurial companies like the Personal Injury Law Office of Saban & Solomon have developed a marketing strategy around the core concept that the best websites do much of the selling for their owners. A lawyer is a solopreneur who wears a particularly large number of hats. While talented attorneys have no trouble arguing cases in court, their time is better spent on research and in-person consultation than on designing and maintaining a website. Here the services of premium web designers has been invaluable in boosting the visibility of legal services online.

2. Home Security Companies

An example of a fabulous premium website is that of the ADT Security System company. This company’s website is comprehensive yet easy to navigate. It details services to different target markets, including residential and commercial clients. Most importantly, the home page is used to introduce breaking news, special deals, and contact information – a must for busy professionals with security concerns. Because home security professionals tend to spend the bulk of their time on the phone and in the field, outsourcing premium web design services has both made sense and continues to support this facet of industry in building its client base.

3. Electricians.

As with home security professionals and attorneys, electricians have a unique strength in field work – consulting, contracting, managing new construction and remodels, fixing difficult challenges with their hands. It is important to find a professional who is equally well-versed in communicating those gifts to a receptive target audience online, which is where a web design firm comes in to help. Miami electricians with easy to navigate websites can expect greater increases in sales and referral calls than electricians who “old school” it with a simple directory listing.

4. Merchant (Credit Card Processing) Banks.

Since the expansion of the e-commerce marketplace to a global level, the most trusted merchant banks will be those with a strong, professional, comprehensive online presence. In this, it just makes sense to hire a web professional to oversee the communication of complicated-sounding financial policies and procedures into a simple “sound byte” format online. The most successful credit card processing merchants and banks have solid, secure online customer portals that make transacting business easy and safe.

These insights into how four unique industries are boosting visibility and sales online can inspire you to leverage what they know to improve your own company’s long-term forecast.

Breaking the SEO Barriers In Miami Real Estate Competition

  Search Engine Optimization is an ever-changing industry that needs constant attention to fight through competitors that would love to take your spot on Google’s radar. Sometimes it takes a much greater effort depending on what kind of industry you are optimizing for. Industries like construction companies in Miami may be easier because that industry is not as saturated online as other industries such as Miami real estate listings. That heavily depends on the nature of the business as well. For example, if your company’s leads are driven primarily by ecommerce sales or email submissions, or other online services; your business will need to thrive online to survive. For example in Miami real estate, shoppers want to have an opportunity to see a property online before they visit the location in person.

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Website Hacking and Identity Theft

As technology advances, personal and financial information continue to be integrated on the web in many capacities. As a result, hacking is becoming a more prevalent crime every day. Several businesses have suffered data breaches and lost valuable consumer information to criminals that specialize in hacking. This is where identity theft comes in. Criminals will use this personal information to conduct fraudulent activities under the stolen identity. It is an important practice for businesses to practice best techniques for protecting their online database. For consumers, it is beneficial to obtain identity theft prevention services. ID Cuffs is a company lead by identity theft protection expert Denis G. Kelly whom has been feature on national platforms such as FOX News Channel and MSNBC.

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Napkin Labs Study: Only 6% of Facebook Users Interact with Brands They Like

The number of likes a brand has is incredibly important, right? Well, it certainly looks good to an outsider; however, many brands buy a lot of their likes to make themselves look more popular than they really are. This is made even more clear by a new study released by Napkin Labs, a Facebook app developer that specializes in working with many different agencies and brands. The study basically says that one average only 6% of Facebook users interact with the brand pages they have “liked.” So that means 94% of the likes on a brand’s Facebook page are either fake or completely inactive users. This begs the question, is having a social media page really that important for brands if only 6% of fans are interacting with it?

Honestly, this is a very loaded question. Since there is no way (to my knowledge) to track the buying power and/or habits of the people that are inactive on a Facebook fan page, there is no real way to tell if they are still noticing the posts and acting Read more…

Best Content Practices for 2012

Anyone familiar with the many, many Miami web design and Internet Marketing tactics know that they change very frequently. One of the hardest areas to combat the changes has to do with content. Most recently, Google has started marking articles created by article spinners and content mills as spam. They have also been placing more importance on ever changing content, as well as lengthier content. None of these things matter though if the quality of the content is not superb.

Google wants to index content and move it to the top of Google if it is proving to withstand the test of time. There are several ways Read more…

New Trends in Social Media Marketing

Whether you are a fan of social media or not, it is pretty clear that it plays an incredibly valuable role in online marketing. Knowing the best times to post on particular social networks, incorporating hashtags, photos & links, and engaging regularly with fans and followers seem to be the main three aspects of social media marketing that hold true, but how can these three things alone sustain it as a viable marketing platform? Truthfully, over time they probably can’t. This is why people are constantly coming up with new and interesting ways to utilize social media as a Read more…

Is Optimizing Your Website for Mobile Necessary?

Smartphones and tablets have been dominating the market for quite a while now. With this in mind, many companies have been leaning toward making their websites compatible for these devices. On the other hand, some people feel their website is not where they gain the majority of their business, so why pay a Miami website design company to make their website mobile- and tablet-optimized? Well, the reason behind it is as simple as wanting to gain more business. Currently, 10% of Internet traffic can be attributed to mobile use. That’s 10% of the population that you could be reaching out to, but aren’t if you have not optimized your site for mobile use.

To some, 10% might not be enough to get them motivated to move their site to a mobile-optimized platform. However, consider that in December of Read more…

Viral Video to Web Series? A Look at “Charlie Bit my Finger”

We all know the power of viral videos these days. Sometimes they just take off, bringing average every day people over night fame. Typically this fame is short-lived though, only a select few will be continuously talked about for years to come. “Charlie bit my Finger” happens to be one such viral video. In 2007, the video went viral. If you have not seen it yet, here it is: Read more…

The Presidential Debates Start Tonight: Are You Ready to Watch?

With the presidential debates starting tonight, it is no surprise that many Internet-based goliaths have come forth to bring you the debates online. Just in case you are stuck at the office, out with friends, or just plain don’t have a TV, the Internet has plenty of outlets that you can enjoy the debates on. Here are a few of the top choices and some of the neat features they will be offering during the debates:

1) Tumblr – This is by no means the traditional way to watch the debates. However, it is certainly entertaining, as The Guardian will be teaming up with Tumblr to produce up-to-date .gif files that will enthuse the masses throughout the debates.

2) XBox Live & Microsoft – Have an Xbox at home? Read more…

Hiring a New Employee? Tips to Promote Job Postings

It truly is an employer’s market these days. There are plenty of people without jobs, and very few jobs are available to them. This tends to make people assume that by placing an ad on Craigslist, Careerbuilder, or even Facebook, the job applications will just start rolling in and they will have the pick of the litter. However, even though this often does get a lot of people to apply, most of them, and sometimes all of them, are either under qualified and can’t handle the job, or way overqualified and insistent upon wanting a much higher salary than you can offer. For this reason, the more outlets you post a job on, the better chance you have of finding the perfect candidate for the job. The key is to make the job posting go viral. Read more…

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